Dr. Ramesh kumar, Dr. M. K. Rajasekar, Dr. Thirunavukkarasu


Congenital midline swellings of nose are encountered rarely, and nasal gliomas are nonmalignant rests of neuroglial tissue
that typically present as a craniofacial mass constitute about 5% of such lesions. Various theories have been suggested to
explain the pathogenesis. Imaging preferably by MRI is mandated to study the extent and to rule out intracranial extension. Early surgical excision
of these masses is advised to minimize nasal and craniofacial distortion. and the approach depends upon the extent of the lesion and availability of
various surgical subspecialties, including otolaryngology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology. We present the management of one
such case of congenital both intranasal and extranasal glioma without any intracranial extension.


hemodynamically rhinoscopy nonconsanguineous

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