Dr Syed Shamim N Matin Razvi, Dr R. N. Shewale, Dr Samina K Khatib


Background and objectives: The use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones and computers has increased in the past
decade. These are used widely for communication and occupational activities. Excessive use of these can cause health
problems like neck pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Hence, a study was planned to investigate the risk factors for neck pain and
associated symptoms with the use of such gadgets in young adults who used them regularly.
Materials and methods: This cross-sectional study was done in a tertiary hospital of a medical college and included young adults of both
genders (age 18-35 years) having neck pain and history of regular use of gadgets like mobile and computers. The information regarding the
habits of usage of gadgets, physical activity and associated symptoms and disorders was collected. Chi square analysis and multinomial
regression analysis was done to detect the risk factors.
Results: Neck pain related to the use of electronic gadgets was signicantly related to duration of time spent using personal computer
(PC)(p=0.024),use of PC without moving for more than 1.5 hours(p=0.034) and regular use of smart phone(0.033). Headache and loss of
concentration were signicantly common in students (p=0.001) and in users of desktop computer(p=0.01). Difculty in concentration (p=0.006
) and depression (p=0.002)were signicantly associated with use of gaming devices. Fatigue was signicantly associated with daily use of
smartphones for more than 1 hour(p=0.029), gaming devices (p=0.022) and television(0.02). Dizziness was more common in females (p=0.001)
and in users of gaming devices (p=0.000) and in age group 26-35 years(p=0.03).
Conclusion: Prevention of neck pain and associated symptoms with the computer and mobile devices is possible by ergonomic corrections,
postural health, taking frequent breaks while using PCs and limiting the total hours of usage of mobile devices.


Neck pain, ergonomics, computer use, musculoskeletal disorders, mobile devices, hand held devices

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