Suparna Datta, Swati Bhattacharyya


Introduction:Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among women in urban India. The identification of blood
biomarkers for early detection of breast cancer is an important target of research. USG & Mammography, the current
routine method for early detection, has a limited sensitivity for the detection of tumors in remote area & in patients with dense breast tissue
.Moreover,they are available in only tertiary care hospital in India, so it is not accessible for all patients. North East India is mostly hilly region
,so women with breast disease can not reach those hospitals easily, but blood samples can be collected easily through local Health Care Delivery
System .A panel of potential cancer biomarkers for breast cancer was selected in order to study their combined predictive value for early
detection of breast cancer. Serum markers such as CEA, free and Total PSA were selected for the present study.
Objective: In the present Study ,an attempt was made to compare efficacy of free & total P.S.A as a tumour marker in breast carcinoma in
comparison with C.E.A .
Materials & methods: Institution based case control Study conducted in North Bengal Medical College & Hospital.
Study Population :- Female patients aged 20-70 yrs has been divided into groups 1. Diagnosed breast carcinoma (by biopsy/FNAC), 2. Patients
with benign breast diseases (biopsy/FNAC) and 3.Healthy control ,attending North Bengal Medical College & hospital.
Sample Size:-90 individuals (30 in each group). ELISA performed for all three tumour markers by using standard kit.
Result: Serum CEA & tPSA markers are significant in differentiating between benign and carcinoma group. Serum CEA is the only significant
marker in differentiating between healthy subjects and Carcinoma group.
Conclusion: Serum tPSA & fPSA values are markers of diseased breast according to the present study. Serum CEA is the only relevant marker in
differentiating normal and breast carcinoma group


Case Control Study,breast Cancers, Benign Breast Disease, Tumour Marker, CEA( Carcino Embryonic Antigen) ,TPSA (Total Prostate Specific Antigen),fPSA(Free Prostate Specific Antigen).

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