Vivek S. Chawathe, Anil K. Gaur, Amit S. Mhambre, Vivek J. Pusnake, Ameya D. Joshi, Shaily M. Shah


OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of injection sodium hyaluronate in osteoarthritis knee as an add on treatment to
routine Medication and Physiotherapy.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: 6 month observational study on total 60 patients suffering from primary osteoarthritis knee of grade II and III
according to Kellgren-Lawrence Grading Scale was conducted. Patients were categorized in 2 groups: Group 1 patient opting for intra-articular
injection sodium hyaluronate and Group 2 patients opting only routine line of treatment. Data was collected on demographic features of the
individuals and changes in the VAS scores, KOOS scores and Lequesne index were measured.
RESULTS: Baseline characteristics were similar between the two groups. Group with visco-supplementation showed overall better outcome as
compared to the control group at the end of 6 month. But at the end of 1 month no signicant difference was felt in both the groups regarding the
outcome. There was not much difference in side effect prole in both the groups.
CONCLUSION: a course of 3 sodium hyaluronate injections along with routine medication can improve the outcome of treatment for longer


Hyaluronic acid, Osteoarthritis, Intra-articular, Sodium Hyaluronate

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