Dr. M. Jayasree, Dr. C. Komal, Dr. Raghavendhar A


Hypothyroidism has significant cardiovascular manifestations. Overt and sub clinical hypothyroidism both are
associated with cardiovascular dysfunction and with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
ObjectivesTo study the clinical profile of cardiovascular system in hypothyroidism.
Methods One Hundred Twenty cases of newly detected primary hypothyroidism were studied from Dec 2015 to Nov 2017. Data was collected
from One Hundred Twenty patients both outpatient and inpatient in this period, treated at Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad
ResultsThere were 120 patients, 63.3% had symptoms less than 3 months duration. Cardiovascular symptoms were present in less number of
patients. Bradycardia was observed in 7% of the patients. Stage1 hypertension was noticed in 13.3% (diastolic blood pressure). Low voltage
complexes in electrocardiogram were present in 40% study group. Pericardial effusion was present in 16.6% patients.


Hypothyroidism; Cardiovascular Changes; Pericardial Effusion; Diastolic Blood Pressure.

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