Dr. Tahir M. Afzal, Dr. Zubair A. Lone, Dr. Naresh Rana


We conducted a prospective study in which we included 30 patients with displaced intracapsular femoral neck
fractures aged more than 55 years. The patients were managed with cemented or un-cemented Bipolar
Hemiarthroplasty using lateral or posterior approaches. The outcome was studied using Harris Hip Scoring System and pain quantification was
done using Visual Analogue Score (VAS). Results were excellent in 36.67% (11 patients), good in 40% (12 patients), fair in 20% (6 patients) and
poor in 3.33% (1 patient). 76.66% patients had no pain at 6 months post-operatively while as 16.67% had mild pain, 3.33% had moderate pain and
3.33% had severe pain. 73.33% (22 patients) were ambulatory without any assistance 6 months post-operatively while as 23.33% (7 patients)
were ambulatory with canes and only 3.33% (1 patient) was non-mobile. Surgical site infection occurred in 5 patients (16.67%) and significant
limb lengthening of >2cm was seen among 3 patients (10%) post-operativley and 2 patients (6.67%) presented with prosthesis dislocation at
follow-up. Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty has a very good functional outcome in displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures in elderly with
minimal complications.


Bipolar-Hemiarthroplasty, Fracture Neck of Femur, Harris Hip Score, Visual- Analogue-Score

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