Bhukye Veeranna, Shaikh Mahmood, M.A. Waheed, D. Santha Rao


Plasma Homocysteine (PHcy) and Blood Ammonia (BA) Levels are proposed to be involved in hepatic fibronogenesis
and portosystemic encephapathy. Plasma Homocysteine (PHcy) and Blood Ammonia (BA) levels are increased in post
absorptive patients with biopsy proven liver cirrhosis. There is also evaluating spenomegaly and hypersplnism (Thrombocytopenia) for the
severity of liver cirrhosis patients. Identifying cirrhosis patients with high levels of plasma Homocysteine (PHcy) and Blood Ammonia (BA)
concertration could be clinically useful.


Liver Cirrhosis, Plasma Homocysteine (PHcy) and Blood Ammonia (BA), Fibronogenesis, Portosystemic Encephapathy Spenomegaly And Hypersplnism Thrmbocytopenia

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