Dr. Ketan R. Dagdiya, Dr. Jyotsna S. Deshmukh, Dr. Sneha Patil


Background: In the last decade, there has been an explosive growth in the use of internet not only in world but also India.
Hence, this study aims to study the prevalence of Internet addiction among undergraduate students by using Internet
Addiction test, and health status by using Dukes health prole and association of internet addiction with psychopathology among undergraduate
students of medical college, in Central India.
Methodology : Cross-sectional study was carried out at Medical college of Nagpur in Central India during the period of June to August 2015.
Total 244 students of age group 18-23 years from 1st MBBS to nal MBBS, both male and female and those using internet since 6 months were
included. Those having psychological illnesses were excluded. Data was collected by using semi structured questionnaire including sociodemographic
characteristics, Internet addiction test questionnaire and Dukes health prole. Data analysis was done by Epi info 7 and SPSS 20.
Results- Mean age of students in our study was 21.59 ± 1.09 years. As per Young's criteria, 4.92% were addicts with male predominance, 47.13%
were possible addicts and rest were average users. Using Dukes health prole, among male there was signicant relationship between internet
addicts and mental score, anxiety score and disability score while in females there was signicant relationship between addicts and physical
score, social score, anxiety depression score and pain score.
Conclusions- Internet addiction is growing problem. Prevalence of internet addiction is 4.92%, also possible addicts is at alarming condition.
Internet addiction is having psychological, physical, and social impact on students life.


Internet addiction test, Dukes Health Prole, Psychopathology.

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