P. Bakkianathan, Dr. S. Leo Stanly


In E-Learning, a teacher’s approach has an impact on students’ understanding of content and their motivation for
learning. Many studies suggested integrating technology that includes You tube, in teaching and learning may increase
students’ understanding, attention and interest in exploring scientific ideas. It is a world wide demand for integrating technology in science
teaching and Learning. This paper presents an analysis of the web which includes You tube videos, MOOC, Cloud Computing. That were used
in the field of Chemistry as well as identification of exemplars the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques, particularly in the field
of Chemistry. The Advantages are: first, the use of these You tube, MOOC and Cloud Computing are self accessible, second, interesting, third,
Safety for students to conduct the hazardous experiments.
Our intention is to discover a novel pedagogical design which will enhance the learning experience in You Tube, MOOC, Cloud Computing
thus implement and evaluate a prototype of a learning intervention where web platform can be utilized to increase the effectiveness.


Web Based Learning, Chemistry, YOU TUBE, Animations, MOOC, Cloud Computing.

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