T. Raisha Pravin Joy, Dr. Chithra James


The Mobile phone plays a very important role in the development of mobile commerce and mobile banking. Linking
banking business to customers through mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) is one
of these competitive strategies. The main objective of this article is to find out the reason for using mobile banking and to know the factors
considered for using mobile banking. This results shows that the factors considered for using mobile banking are 24*7 service and Time saving as
these variables got the highest mean scores, trust in M-banking and security are the least important variable considered for using mobile banking.
Factor analysis is used to find out the reason for using mobile banking. The analysis indicate that 5 factors are extracted which account for 71.470
per cent of the total 18 variables.


Mobile Banking, Mobile Commerce, Reason For Using M-banking.

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