P. S. Hermis, Dr. R. Rathiha


Over the last few years, there has been a dynamic change in the way of consumers shop, due to the tremendous increase in
internet penetration. The pace of change with the rising acceptance of online shopping among the Indian consumers,
online shopping can now be considered as a relevant alternative channel for retailing in India, thus making it an important part of the retail
experience. With the advent of computers and internet facilities; companies have found out ways and means to reach to the customers in the form
of online shopping websites. A customer faces certain difficulties while shopping online such as lack of personal service, inability to inspect or
handle the product, and concern about delivery and exchange processes including giving out credit card numbers over the Internet. This study is
specially undertaken with the objective of probing into the barriers or difficulties that consumers face, while shopping online.


Barriers, Consumers, Internet, Online Shopping

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