Ankita Tiwari, Shalini Agarwal


Posture is usually defined as the relative arrangement of the parts of the body. Postural discomfort is common in workers
who work in Post Office. It was observed that Post office workers worked continuously in one posture for long hours.
Constantly, they suffered from discomfort in different parts of their body, especially in the shoulders, knees, back, lower back and upper back,
which mainly prevent them from continuing their work. Objective: With this background, this study was carried out with the objectives to assess
the postural discomfort faced by employees working in post offices across gender. Methods: The sample size was 120 Post Office Employees and
sample was collected from Lucknow city using Interview Schedule along with A technique for measuring postural discomfort scale prepared
by Corlett, E.N. & Bishop, R.P. (1976). The collected data was coded, scored, tabulated and analyzed by using relevant descriptive statistics
frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation and relational statistics like correlation. The sample was collected through random and
purposive random sampling technique. The data calculated was analyzed using frequency, percentage and correlation. Result: It was found that
there is highly difference between gender and postural discomfort of respondents.


Post office, gender, postural discomfort

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