Dr. R. Bagdha Vatchala Perumal


The study assessed the perception on Environmental Education and Sustainable Development Goals among B.Ed student
Teachers. 49 First year B.Ed Student teachers and 19 Second year B.Ed Student teachers were employed as sample for the
study. Many student teachers (47%) thought that lack of class time was a major barrier to teaching EE. Some others (36%) thought that inadequate
knowledge and training on EE, as well as lack of readily usable materials were also problems. In addition, lack of funding and the safety problem
was perceived (17%) to be a barrier to the provision of field experience. More respondents in the Science stream (56%) were aware of the SDGs
than those in the Arts stream (35%). With regard to knowledge, only 25% of the respondents had good knowledge of SDGs. However, for attitude,
64.7 % of the respondents showed positive attitude. The findings of this study are revealed a positive attitude towards the environmental education
and SDGs in educational settings.


Perception, Environmental Education, Sustainable Development Goals, Student teachers.

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