Dr.Ranjit Kaur Bhalla


The Purpose of this research was to study about the role of parental attitude on frustration of adolescents. For this purpose,
200 adolescents were selected from Ferozepur District. For Data collection, frustration test(1972) developed by Prof.
N.S. Chauhan and Dr. Govind Tiwari and Parental Attitude Research Instrument(1979) developed by Dr. Uma Saxsena were used. Descriptive
survey method was used in this work. The data was divided into urban and rural category. For Statistical analysis, mean, S.D and t-test was worked
out. Results showed that there was no significant difference between frustration level of male and female adolescents. Whereas in case of urban
and rural adolescents; frustration level is significant. Significant difference occurs between parental attitude of male and female adolescents as
well as between the adolescents living in urban areas and rural area.


Parental Attitude, frustration, excess competitions, over expectations, anxiety, maladjustment, self-esteemed, etc.

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