Abhay Mishra, Navdeep Agarwal


A fly ash is by product of coal combustion collected by electrostatic precipitator (ESP). Fly ash consist of silicon dioxide,
iron oxide, magnesium oxide , aluminum oxide and calcium oxide forms a compound like Portland cement when added
with lime and water. High volume of fly ash are used in concrete displacing the cement, its create more strong, durable products and reduces
environmental impact. Due to lower water content cracking is reduced.
This research consists of check the workability of the mixture contains fly ash with replacing the cements with different proportion and also check
the compressive strength of concrete cube
This study is for exploring the feasibility of using compressive strength of concrete cube using fly ash in mixture of concrete in place of cement by
examining its basic properties and durability characteristics fresh properties such as workability and the hardened properties like compressive
strength. An widespread literature survey was oriented for exploring the present state of improving durability of concrete.


CTM (compressive testing machine),0PC( ordinary Portland cement),PPC(pozzolona portland cement)

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