Karla Šitić, Petra Rajković Vuletić, Grgur Prižmić


The main objective of this study was to provide a clear overview of the methods of treating the injury of posterior cruciate
ligament. The following data bases were used to collect the data: PubMed, Ovid, Web of Science and SciVerse Scopus,
concluded on 6th of August 2018. All the papers were listed according to the references, and they all included those with the aim of operative and
nonoperative treatment of the posterior cruciate ligament injury. After a systematic review of the case, it can be said that there are different
responses to this question, as the subjective attitudes of experts and that many studies are needed to be done to better understand the mechanism of
the injury itself, which will contribute to the treatment and rehabilitation of recovery treatments.


PCL, PCL injury, posterior cruciate ligament, rehabilitation, non-operative, treatment, kinesitherapy.

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