“To Determine Predominant Lip Print Pattern Among the People of Madhya Pradesh, India”

Mr. Dinesh Baban Kamble, Ms. Swati Gupta, Ms. Shweta Tiwari, Ms. Vaibhavi Lahane, Ms. Komal Pal


Physical surface of the lip has many altitudes and impression forming a characteristic pattern called lip prints, examination of which is referred to as Queiloscopy or Cheiloscopy, this is unique for individuals like the finger prints. This study is taken up to determine the predominant lip print pattern type in the population of Madhya Pradesh state which is in India. It includes 100 male and 100 female subjects of Madhya Pradesh origin and currently staying, age group between 18 to 40. The middle portion of lip print about 2cm on the both side of labial frenum of lower lip and upper lip was taken as the study area. This portion most common as a patent as well as latent impression on the exhibit recovered from the crime scene. The non-glossy lipstick was uniformly applied on the lip and then the print was taken on a white bond paper. These prints were studied classified according to Tsuchihashi’s classification of Type long vertical (I), Short vertical (I’), Branched grooves (II), Intersecting grooves (III), Reticular grooves (IV) and other pattern (V). The further analysis was carried out on this classification and find out the predominant lip print pattern among the people of Madhya Pradesh State.


Cheiloscopy, Madhya Pradesh Population, Lip Prints, Reticular Type. Forensic Science.

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