Introduction:The aim of this study was to determine the incidence and morphometry of articular facet of CCJ on conoid tubercle of clavicle in Telangana population, as studies in this particular topic are scanty and incomplete.

Materials and Methods:The study was done on 100 adult human clavicles (44 right and 56 left) collected from  Department of Anatomy, Kakathiya Medical College, Warangal, Telangana state. The presence of articular facet on the Conoid tubercle was determined and Maximum Antero-Posterior diameter (MAPD) and maximum transverse diameter (MTD) was measured by vernier calliper. The incidence was compared on the basis ofside and with other studies in the world.

Results: Articular facet on conoid tubercle was found in 20 cases (20%). 8 (18.2%) were present on the right side and 12 (21.4%) on the left side. The facets were generally oval, with MAPD and MTD of 18mm and 20 mm respectively. A significant side variation was present with Lt sided facet being more common. The left sided facet was more transversely elongated than right.

Conclusion : The Indian population showed an incidence of 20%, which was comparable to other ethnic groups in world population.


Challenging behavior, behavior modification, consequence mapping, rewardsChallenging behavior, behavior modification, consequence mapping, rewards

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