Biocontrol Potential of Diadegma trichoptilus (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) against Tur Plume Caterpillar Exelastis atomosa Walsingham (Lepidoptera : Pterophoridae)

M. V. Sutar, Dr. T. V. Sathe


Diadegmatrichoptilus(Cameron) (Hymenotera:Ichneumonidae) is an internal, larval, solitary and endoparasitoid of Tur plume caterpillar ExelastisatomosaWalsingham (Lepidoptera : Pterophoridae). In field condition, in agro ecosystems of Tur Cajanuscajan (Millusp) of Kolhapur region, it caused 18.00% mortalities in second instar larvae of E. atomosa. E. atomosa serious pest of C. cajanusand difficult to control with pesticides hence, D. trichoptilusis good option as biological pest control tool. The parasitoid cocoon number collected and the mortalities in pest species were related to rainfall of the region.


D. trichoptilus, E. atomosa, Biocontrol potential, Tur ecosystem.

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