A study on India's preparations for Climate Change Commitments

Dr. D. Subramaniam


Climate Change has now become a serious issue for the human community as a whole across the Globe. Thanks to the efforts of the United Nations FrameworkConvention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) there has been some concrete effortsbeing taken and hopefully they sustain in the days to come to yield the targeted results. While there are efforts initiated at the global level they need to be translated into action at the national level by the respective countries. Essentially the efforts are all revolve around reducing the greenhouse gases and more specifically the Carbon-di-oxide emissions in the environment.

This article aims to review the action plan India is taking to achieve the above cause that includes the commitment India has made in this regard. It also explores the obligations of the business firms in meeting the green targets and the need to explore ways and means to work together with government as it makes sense for the firm as such but also underscores the importance of the social obligations of the business firms


Climate Change, Greenhouse gases, Carbon-di-oxide emission

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