Dr. Vidhya, Dr. K. Kalaivani


Labour is a physiological but painful event. Pain during labour is normal and its management is influenced by an interaction between a woman’s mental and emotional state and the physiological changes that occur during labour. Pain relief during labour reduces maternal stress and results in shorter labour and improved maternal outcome. Epidural analgesia has proved to be beneficial and has contributed significant pain relief and improved the obstetric outcome. After long researches, a protocol was developed to optimise the labour outcome i.e. pain relief, short labour, less blood loss and no adverse effects on the neonate. This “optimising labour protocol“ or “programmed labour” refers to ensuring smooth progress of labour resulting in the delivery of a healthy baby by vaginal route of a healthy mother, through judicious use of labour inducers, appropriate obstetric analgesic regimen and partographic monitoring. Programmed labour protocol is based on incorporation of labour analgesia, active management of labour and monitoring events of labour by a  partogram.


partographic monitoring,appropriate obstetric analgesic,Epidural analgesia

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