Dr. U. Aravindan, Dr. M. Ponchidambaram, Dr. S. Narayanan


The research study was designed to recognize the clinical picture of acute pancreatitis in the Indian patients to evaluate common aetiologies, role of investigations and outcome of early conservative management. This study was conducted in 54 patients of acute pancreatitis who were admitted in THANJAVUR MEDICAL COLLEGE during the period of September 2017 TO September 2018. This study was defined to evaluate conservative management of mild to moderate pancreatitis. 54 cases of acute pancreatitis were admitted and investigated and treated. Observations were made with regards to common presentation, sex distribution, common aetiology and blood parameters especially serum lipase and serum amylase. The highest incidence of acute pancreatitis was found in the age group of 25 to 35 years followed by the age group of 35 to 55 years. Acute pancreatitis was found more commonly in males compared to females. This may be due to effect of alcohol addiction in males. In acute pancreatitis, serum lipase level may be elevated more consistently and for longer half-life than serum amylase.

The clinical pattern of acute pancreatitis varies in different patients. Though gall stone induced acute pancreatitis is common in western countries, alcohol is the main etiological factor in our study. It is recommended that all patients with pancreatitis should undergo ultrasound within 24 hours of admission as it confirms presence of gallstones and severe pancreatitis. We have started oral feeding in all cases of mild to moderate pancreatitis.


Acute Pancreatitis(AP), Alcohol, Gallstones, Abdominal Pain, Serum Amylase


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