Dr. Anil Sastya, Dr. Kaluram Khande


This study was carried out the distance between mandibular foraman and 3rd molar tooth of Madhya Pradesh (India) particularly in Gwalior region.

Material and Method - A total of 60 dry  Human Mandibles with 3rd molar tooth was obtained from the Department of Anatomy, G.R. Medical College, Gwalior M.P. Digital vernier calipers had been used for taking measurements. A divider with fixing device was also used for taking the measurements. All the observations were tabulated and analyzed statistically and compared with the previous studies.      

Results- The mean distance of the mandibular foraman  from centre of 3rd molar tooth is 23.53±3.99 on right side and22.92±3.676 on left side.


Anesthetic Injection, Inferior Alveolar Nerve, Mandibular Foraman.

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