Neha Kashyap, Divya M Sharma


Introduction: Smoking is a worldwide major cause of preventable morbidity and mortality. About 17% smokers in the world live in India. The rate of cigarette smoking in young people continues to steadily increase. Start of smoking at early age causes more burden than a start late in life, and the relationship is linear. Also respiratory symptoms associated with smoking habit seem to be age dependent.

Aim and objective: To find the correlation of smoking index with FEF25-75 in light smokers.

Methodology: 100 smokers aged between 18-25 years were recruited for the study. They were all made to do the pulmonary function testing, their FEF25-75 was recorded.

Result and Conclusion: We found a significant negative correlation between smoking index and FEF25-75. Smoking causes early inflammatory changes in small airways, leading to increase resistance to expiratory flow. Also smoking causes increase sympathetic and vagal drive leading to increase resting heart rate which puts the individual at risk for mortality and morbidity.


Smoking index, Forced Expiratory flow, resting heart rate.

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