DR. T. Karunaharan, DR. S. Senthilvel


Introduction:The present study investigated the incidence, management and outcome of Gastroin-testinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) in KAPV medical college,Tiruchirappalli. Methods: A retrospective review of all GIST patients admitted between 2013 and 2017 was conducted. Patients' demographics, clinical presentation, tumor characteristics, radiological, pathological and immunohistochemical findings, surgical procedures, recurrence and mortality were recorded. Results: A total of 4 GIST patients were identified. Stomach and small intestine  were the most common sites of tumor. The majority of cases  had tumor size >5 cm, 3 cases had primary and 1 case had locally advanced tumor. All the cases were surgically managed. Chemotherapy was initiated. During follow up 3 cases showed good response and 1 died due to liver metastasis. Conclusion: the incidence of GIST in Tiruchirappalli is apparently low. Surgical resection is the preferred choice of treatment



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