Dr M Shanthi, Dr. Dr. K Praveen kumar


Introduction :

Acute appendicitis remains a common abdominal worldwide. The diagnosis of acute appendicitis continues to be difficult due to its variable presentation. None of the clinical scores or investigations like USG, CT, succeeded in diagnosing appendicitis with certainty. So, even to date, a thorough clinical examination with basic investigations and clinicians judgment in ruling out the other possibilities is prime at arriving the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

Patients and methods:

An observational study was conducted within the time frame of June 2017 and February 2018 at Osmania general hospital Hyderabad, India.

It included patients with the presumptive diagnosis of acute appendicitis operate, and the parameters in the clinical scores were filled before the surgical residents and those with any missing data from the scores are excluded, and a histopathological examination is done to confirmation appendicitis in all patients

AIM : This study aims to compare modified Alvarado score with the RIPASA score.

Results :

In this study the RIPASA score is able to diagnose 87.7% of patients whereas modified Alvarado score is able to predict only about 52.6 % of the patients of the true positive appendicitis


The diagnosis of acute appendicitis continues to be difficult due to its variable presentation. RIPASA score if far superior in diagnosing acute appendicitis compared to modified Alvarado score, modified Alvarado score is less sensitive and has many false negatives.



Full Text:



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