Dr. V. Arul, Dr. Sivabalan


- Benign prostatic hyperplasia consists of hyperplasia of stromal and epithelial elements of prostate. Our aim was to find out the correlation between symptom score and histological finding in BPH. 25 symptomatic patients attending OPD of institute of Urology, RGGGH were enrolled for study. USG size estimation of prostate, Uroflow was done and cystoscopic assessment of prostate size was done. TURP was performed and, the specimen histopathological examination was done.  Peak flow rate range was between 5.2 ml per second to 10 ml per second. Mean weight of resected specimen was 11.88 +/_ 2.7. The symptom score ranged between 3 to 34. Mean total symptom score was 23.08 +/_ 5.9. The mean obstructive score rate was 13.24 +/_ 3.9. Irritative score mean was 9.88 +/_ 3.2. In all of specimens percentage of the stroma was higher than the epithelium. The mean percentage of stroma is 63.04 +/_ .9. Mean percentage of epithelium was 36.73 +/_ 11.7.  Though there was increased stromal component in all resected specimens, there was no significant correlation between the symptom score and percentage of stroma and epithelial components.


BPH, Histology, symptom score, corellation

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