Dr. Nilambaree S. Adke, Dr. Jayashree Dakhane


Introduction: The incidence of difficult intubation ranges from 1% to 4%, In these circumstances the gum elastic bougie is often successful.

Aim: To compare ease of tracheal intubation using the gum elastic bougie versus malleable stylet.

Material and methods: A total of 100 adult patients undergoing elective surgery tracheal intubation was indicated were selected and divided randomly into, Gum elastic bougie group and Malleable stylet group equally.

Results: The study groups were comparable on characteristics like age, sex, weight distribution, ASA grading, laryngoscopic view of larynx. In both the groups BURP improves laryngoscopic visualization of larynx highly significantly.  The mean time taken for successful tracheal intubation in ‘restricted’ grade was significantly less in Gum elastic bougie group (30.92+0.49 sec) than Malleable stylet group (37.16 + 1.99 sec).

Conclusion: Gum elastic bougie is good option for successful endotracheal intubation in the difficult airway.


Difficult intubation, endotracheal, Gum elastic bougie

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