Dr.V. Mathan Kumar, Mr. S. Sambath Kumar


Online shopping offers numerous benefits for the customers as well as business houses. With the help of online shopping, business houses are capable to get in touch with more customers at limited cost. In reality, online shopping act as a stepping-stone to the concept of global village. In India, consumption habits have undergone a drastic shift in the post colonial period. At present, disposable income of the middle class is increasing and the emphasis is more on spending than saving. Though, customers can browse any number of sites to reach at final choice. Hence, online shopping offers unlimited options to the customers in a nutshell. The customer can buy goods on any day of the year at any time of the day, which assist customers to save time and energy. Furthermore, owing to unrestricted choice and surplus time, customers without any difficulty look for the preferred things and can effortlessly compare the products/items. As customer has unlimited choices, he/she can fall a victim to over choice. A customer may spend a good amount of time without taking any final decision. The present study has been carried out to identify the level of customer awareness on online web portals in Coimbatore district.



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