Sanjita Mohanty, Sandeep Kumar Rath, Manas Ranjan Senapati


Water management should be at the heart of all smart cities planning .While there is a lot of emphasis on transportation and infrastructure development, water management remains limited to treatment of waste water, quality monitoring and smart metering in the government’s smart cities strategy. Better management of waste water, so that it is not discharged untreated into nature and ends up polluting water sources, would mean that we could reuse the treated water for industry, agriculture and even domestic use .Today many water sources are polluted and others are under serious strain. Inefficiencies and water losses in urban water utility systems mean no Indian city yet supplies water 24x7 hours to its citizens. Factors such as population increase and especially urbanization mean that the world is forecast to use about   30% more water in 2025 than it did in 2000, with further water shortages expected. The present investigation is aimed at assessing the current water quality standard of the river Kuakhai in terms of physicochemical parameters. The river Kuakhai is a distributary of the river Mahanadi. The water of river Kuakhai is getting polluted due to discharge of domestic waste and water in to it. The different parameters measured were pH, DO, Total hardness, BOD, COD etc. The present study indicates that the water quality of the river Kuakhai is well within the tolerance limits taking the physicochemical parameters into considerations.


Smart city, Kuakhai, pH, DO, total hardness, BOD, COD.

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