Dr.A. Saravanadurai, Mr.K. Manimaran


The present study was carried out to analyse the socio-economic conditions and constraints of livestock rearing in Nilakottai taluk of Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu state. The major findings of this study demographic status of respondents revealed that the majority of respondents 65.7 % are male, 58.9 % of the respondents belongs 30 to 60 years of age, 162 respondents are illiterate, 67.6 % of the respondent’s annual income was Rs.40000 to Rs.80000 and 43.5 % of the respondent yearly family expenditure Rs.20000 to Rs.40000. In this Nilakottai taluk 52.69 per cent of the farmers opinion that strongly agreed to face by the problems of Failure of monsoon in this area.


Livestock, Respondents, Rearing, Income, Problems, Monsoon

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