Dr. A. Saravanadurai, Mr. S. Muthuaraj


Dairying is a centuries old tradition for millions of Indian rural households, domesticated animals have been an integral part of the farming systems from time immemorial. Milk contributes more to the national economy than any other farm commodity. In the context of poverty and malnutrition, milk has a special role to play for its many nutritional advantages as well as providing supplementary income.   To examine performance of dairy cooperative farmers in Akkarapalayam Panchayat. Both primary and secondary are employed in the present study. The secondary data from the audited annual reports of the respective selected societies. The role of dairy farming in the livelihoods of the small and medium farmers in important in their production systems. The marketing of the dairy product is done through the cooperative societies in the rural areas. Therefore studies like this would throw light on the functioning of the societies and its problems faced by the dairy farmers while marketing their product. The major constraints include lack of professionalism in management, lack of good leadership, archic cooperative law and improper government control, small size of business and hence inability to afford the services of professional manager, and internal work culture and environment not congenial to of management coopertives could have a bright future in India in the new era if they are transformed into member owned autonomous organizations governed by the elected representatives of their members, manged professionally and liberated from unnecessary controls of vested interest persons.


supplementary income,enterprise by different categories

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