Eliseo Ruiz Bedolla, Briceida Lopez Martinez, Israel Parra Ortega


Objective. The purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship between the levels of serum canavanine, cystatin C and creatinine in patients with normal renal function and in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and to observe if there is any difference in values obtained.

Material and methods. Were evaluated 100 blood samples from patients without renal disease and 100 samples from patients with  CKD  to determine the levels of L-canavanine with the Rosenthal technic, creatinine with an autoanalyzer Dimension RxL and cystatin C by a method of immunonephelometry in a BNProspec both of Siemens.

Results. The values found in patients without renal disease were, canavanine from 3 to 8.5 mg/dl, creatinine  0.2 to 1.2 mg/dl and cystatin C 0.6 to 0.95 mg/L and in patients with CKD the values were canavanine from 8.5 to 25 mg/dl. cystatin C 0.98 to 9.5 mg/L and creatinine 2.0 to 18.5 mg/dl.  The reference values  for canavanine were obtained with the values of cystatin C which is a standardized test and more specific than creatinine to evaluate renal function. Patients with CKD were considered to have serum creatinine higher than 2.0 mg/dl. The sensitivity obtained for canavanine is 95%  with specificity of 93 %.

Conclusions. It is concluded that the evaluation of serum canavanine  can be useful as a support to the diagnosis of CKD.


L-canavanine, Chronic Kidney Disease, creatinine, cystatin C, diagnosis

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