Dr. Kaustubh Vasnt Waikar, Dr. A. K. Waikar


INTRODUCTION : Laproscopic cholecystectomy has shown promising results in developed countries but requires expensive equipments and
infrastructure, specialized training and associated with higher incidence of morbidity. So minilap cholecystectomy is viable alternative to
conventional open cholecystectomy and is introduced by 'O' DWEYER et al through right subcostal incision less than 5 cm in 1982.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: In this study 30 patients with symptomatic gall stone disease including all severity of symptoms with their
confirmed diagnosis were selected for study between the age group of 15 and 85 years admitted in surgery department. We had surgical approach
with 3-5cm oblique incision located two finger breadth below the costal margins with muscle cutting and splitting techniques. The out come was
assessed in terms of intraoperative and postoperative parameters.
RESULTS: All the procedure were completed successfully. The incision was 4-5cms. Avarage time 47 minutes. Maximum number of cases
operated between 30-45 miutes were 19 (63%). Mean hospital stay was 3 days. All patients resumed back to routine work within 15 days of surgery
. Postoperative mortality was nil, morbidity was minimal.
CONCLUSION : Our results suggest that minilap cholecystectomy is viable alternative to laproscopic cholescystectomy and better than open
cholecystectomy. Minilap approach is safe, feasibleand lesser morbidity and postoperative stay as compared to conventional open
cholecystectomy. The technique is cost effective , easy to perform for surgeons and benefitial to patients as compared to laproscopic cost. So it is
gold standard for treating symptomatic gall stones.


minilap cholecystectomy, technique.

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