Dr Pratik Kumar, Dr Savinder Singh, Dr Ashish Malik


Purpose: To study the attitudes of nursing students towards psychiatry, psychiatrists, mental health, mental illness and mentally ill persons before
exposure to training in mental hospital and to find out if there is any difference between pre training and post training attitude
Study design: Prospective comparative study.
Methodology: 500 GNM. nursing students and 500 Bsc nursing students were taken in the sample who were posted to IMH, Amritsar for training.
Their attitude towards psychiatry was assessed by applying two scales i.e. Mental Illness: Clinicians' Attitude Scale (MICA-4) and Opening Minds
Scale for Health Care Providers (OMS-HC) before and after the end of the training. Their score was compared within the group and between the
groups to detect any improvement in their attitude after the training period. ANOVA and chi square tests were used for statistical analysis.
Results: Considering GNM group, their mean score on MICA was 57.85±6.37 before training but after training it reduced to 55.04±6.90. On OMSHC
scale their pre-training score was 59.71±7.04 which reduced to 54.52±5.59. In both of these conditions change was statistically insignificant.
Considering Bsc nursing group, their pre-training score on MICA was 55.58±7.00 and their post-training score on the same scale came out to be
46.33±5.06. On OMS-HC scale their pre-training score was 57.17±4.38 which became 55.92±2.56 after the training got over. Change came out to
be statistically insignificant in both of the conditions.
Conclusion: Our result suggests that the training was able to produce some positive change in some of the students' overall attitudes towards
psychiatry, psychiatrists, mental health and people with mental illness. Students with previous experience with people with mental illness or having
utilized mental health services themselves, were shown to be less stigmatized compared to students without any such kind of experience.


Nursing students; attitude towards psychiatry;MICA-4 ;OMS-HC; stigma

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