Dr. S. Prem Sagar, Dr. B Suresh Narayan


AIMS: To study the prevalence of cardio vascular abnormalities in chronic renal failure patients.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Patients included in the study underwent following tests Complete Haemogram, Renal function tests , Liver
function tests, Renal ultrasound, Lipid profile , Serum electrolytes, Serum Calcium, Serum Phosphorous ,Chest radiography,Electrocardiography-
12 lead and 2D echocardiography.
RESULTS: 67% males and 33% females. In the present study, out of the 100 patients with CKD, 69 patients (69%) had Left Ventricular
Hypertrophy (48% concentric and 21% eccentric LVH), Diastolic dysfunction was seen in 42 patients (42%) and Systolic dysfunction in 20
patients (20%), 20 patients (20%) had pericardial effusion and 31 patients (31%) had Normal Echo study.
CONCLUSION The present study shows that patients with chronic kidney disease have higher prevalence of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH),
which is more marked in patients with End Stage Renal Disease.


Chronic renal failure Cardiovascular abnormalities

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