Dr. N. Chandramouli Hariharan., Dr. M. Sugumar


INTRODUCTION: The incidence of post palatoplasty palatal fistula has been reported to range from 8.7% to 23%. Due to multiple attempts at
fistula closure the palatal tissue surrounding the fistula is scarred. Any further attempt to close the fistula using the local flap of scar based on the
scarred pedicle is destined to be a failure. Hence we formulated a protocol of using the tongue flap to ensure successful outcome.
PATIENTS AND METHODS:This is a prospective study Cases of palatal fistula that were referred to our centre from January 2012 to December
2017.Patients who underwent more than two procedures and with a persistent fistula of more than 5 mm in size were classified as cleft palate cripple
and included in the study. During this period we operated 15 cases of cleft palate cripple. The size of the fistula ranged from 5 mmm to 5
cm.Tongue flap was done in all the cases.There was no case of flap dehiscence or flap necrosis.
CONCLUSION:Though the management of recurrent palatal fistula is a surgical challenge, closure of the fistula using distant vascularised tissues
as tongue flap offers a predictable solution.


Palatal fistula; cleft palate cripple; tongue flap.

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