Dr. Bhumi K Patel, Dr. Reema Raval, Dr. Rupal Chaudhari


An 65-year-old male presented with painless bulging conjunctival lesion. Clinical history, diagnostic imaging studies, and histopathologic sections
were evaluated. The patient clinically displayed an vascularized conjunctival lesion located at the temporal limbus with extension onto cornea. His
visual acuity was counting fingers at 1m. The patient underwent a total excision of the lesion including conjunctival and corneal parts.
Histopathologic evaluation revealed spindle cell carcinoma which involves the whole conjunctival squamous epithelium with significant polarity
loss, nuclear enlargement with hyperchromasia and pleomorphism, and mitotic activity. Diagnosis of spindle cell carcinoma is challenging
because of overlapping histopathological features with other spindle cell tumors. The detailed pathologic examination is very important for the
decision of proper treatment.


Conjunctiva, spindle cell carcinoma, squamous epithelium

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