Gahlot Gaurav PS, Pandey Pankaj, Badwal Sonia, Ahuja Ankur, Beenu Singh


BACKGROUND: The present study will emphasize the critical role of new hematological parameters generated by Automated Cell Counters
(ACCs) along with traditional parameters of the complete blood cell counts required for diagnosis and follow up cases especially in the setting of
Pre & Post Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT)
AIMS: To analyze the clinical applications of newer hematological parameters provided by ACCs for expanding their diagnostic potential beyond
conventional blood cell counts
STUDY DESIGN: This is a cross sectional observational study of results obtained from EDTA blood samples of 40 patients of Pre & Post HSCT
over a period of 18 months
SUBJECTS & METHODS: Blood samples were collected in EDTA vacutainer and processed through ACCs i.e. ADVIAR 2120i and SYSMEX
XT- 4000i. The peripheral blood film examination in each case was performed on Leishman-Geimsa stained smear.
STATISTICAL ANALYSIS USED: The hematological parameters obtained from ACCs/microscopic were assessed by Student's t-test, chisquare
test using the SPSS 21.0 software with considering p value < 0.05 as significant
RESULTS: Newer reticulocyte indices like Immature reticulocyte fraction and Mean reticulocyte volume found to be significantly raised in pre &
post HSCT cases with p value <0.05.


Automated Cell Counters (ACCs), Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT), Reticulocyte indices, Immature Reticulocyte fraction (IRF), Mean Reticulocyte Volume (MCVr),

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