Dr. J. Kavitha, Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Sijijacob, Dr. S. Lakshmisree, Dr. S. Srinivasan


Gingival enlargement is one of the frequent features of gingival diseases. This condition finds a unique place in literature, because it has been
associated with a variety of local and systemic factors. In some cases where gingival enlargement could be the primary sign of potentially lethal
systemic diseases, a correct diagnosis of these enlargements could prove life saving for the patient or at least initiate early treatment and improve
the quality of life. A 28 year female patient reported with a chief complaint of swelling in the gums. Gingival enlargement removal was done
employing surgical technique after phase I therapy.Gingivectomy was carried out in all four quadrants. Periodic recalls showed maintenance of
good oral hygiene and one year follow-up revealed no recurrence. The importance of patient motivation and compliance during and after therapy is
the success of treatment.


Gingival hyperplasia, Gingival overgrowth, Internal Bevel Gingivectomy.

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