Dr. Krishna Vikas Potdukhe, Dr Kalpesh Patel


OBJECTIVE- To study the clinical and radiological spectrum of Esthesioneuroblastoma and evaluate the results of surgical treatment.
STUDY DESIGN- Retrospective study of 10 patients.
SETTING- Tertiary centre
METHOD- Epidemiological parameters, clinical presentation, staging and treatment modalities for 10 patients who were diagnosed as
esthesioneuroblastoma were studied and analyzed over a period of 2014 to 2017 at Department of ENT and Head & Neck surgery, B.J.
Medical college, Ahmedabad
RESULT- Out of 10 patients, 7 (70%) were female being more common in comparison to 3 (30%) male, 9 (90%) patients came with complaint of
nasal mass and nasal obstruction and all 10 patients underwent endoscopic resection with or with out chemoradiotherapy.
CONCLUSION- The result of endoscopic resection followed by radiation have been reported to be comparable to those of craniofacial


olfactory neuroblastoma, craniofacial resection surgery, radiotherapy.

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