Labdhi R Shah, Shwetambari Singh, Harshit Shah


PURPOSE: To study the post operative outcome of type I Boston keratoprosthesis (KPro).
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Evaluation of two eyes of two patients who underwent Boston type I KPro implantation between September
2016 and September 2017 with a mean follow up of 12 month period.
RESULTS: In the median follow-up of 12 months visual outcomes were not satisfactory. The main indication for surgery was multiple failed grafts
in both patients. Both patients demonstrated no significant improvement in vision; with pre-operative visual acuity of hand movements (HM),
counting fingers. No complications like Glaucoma or Retroprosthetic membranes were found. On fundus evaluation both patients had Optic
Atrophy which failed to improve vision.
CONCLUSION: There was no significant improvement of vision due to Optic Atrophy in both the patients. However, patients require close
lifelong follow-up to manage any complications.


operative outcome keratoprosthesis Boston evaluation

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