N Sujatha, Sinumol Thulaseedharan, Nadeera. A


End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is stage 5 of chronic kidney disease with GFR < 15 ml/minute.
OBJECTIVES: To measure the prevalence of ocular involvement in ESRD in a tertiary care center in South India.
METHODS: Cross sectional observational study of 200 eyes of 100 ESRD patients.
INCLUSION CRITERIA: ESRD patients aged ≥ 18 years.
EXCLUSION CRITERIA: Patients with preexisting ocular diseases. Detailed ophthalmic examination and statistical analysis were done.
RESULTS: Mean age 56.15 ±11.47 years. M: F 3.5:1. 90% prevalence of ocular changes in patients with ESRD. 67% had cataract, 79% had
hypertensive retinopathy, 57% had diabetic retinopathy and 38% had macular edema.
DISCUSSION: Hypertensive retinopathy was the commonest ocular manifestation and cataract was the commonest cause of defective vision.
Irreversible loss of vision was due to diabetic retinopathy aggravated by ESRD.
CONCLUSION: This shows the need for detailed ophthalmic examination even in asymptomatic ESRD patients.


ESRD, Macular edema, Hypertensive retinopathy

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