Dr. Prasanna. X. A., Dr. Sarojini. R, Dr. Gowri Thilagam . T., Dr. K. M. S. Susila


Background Analgesic drugs used to alleviate pain are laden with adverse effects. Mentha piperita is a herbaceous plant used in traditional
medicine.The leaves contain ethereal oil, tannins, flavonoids and they possess diverse medicinal properties.
Aim and Objective:To evaluate the analgesic effect of aqueous extract of leaves of Mentha piperita in adult swiss male albino mice in comparison
with aspirin.
Materials and Methods: Analgesic effect was evaluated using Eddy's hot plate method and tail-clip method in 30 inbred male albino mice procured
from central animal house, Madurai Medical college and divided into five groups, with six rats in each group . Group I served as control .Group II
received T.Aspirin– 100 mg/kg (oral). Group III, IV and V received graded doses of 200,400 ,600 mg /kg of aqueous extract of Mentha piperita
Results: Mentha piperita at all 3 doses had significant dose dependant analgesic activity when compared to the control groupand the 600 mg/kg
dose had analgesic activity comparable to that of aspirin.
Conclusion: The aqueous extract of leaves of Mentha piperita at the dose of 600 mg/kg had analgesic activity comparable to that of aspirin. The
analgesic effects may be mediated both centrally and peripherally.


Mentha piperita , Aspirin , Analgesic activity, Eddy's hotplate, Tailclip

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