Dr . G. Kasirajan, Dr. M. Shanmuga Sundaram, Dr. Maya


Introduction: Pregnancy and Surgery are the two most stressful conditions patients can undergo ,especially when it is for the first time .An
Uncooperative patient or a highly anxious patient may need repeated attempts of successful regional anaesthesia. This Study was done to study the
effect of preoperative advice on such patients and its effect on patients cooperation .
Aim of the study:The objectives of the study is to assess the degree of anxiety in primi mothers posted for LSCS and to compare the intraoperative
co operation between the group which received the advice and the group which did not.
Methods and Materials: This study is a prospective ,randomised, and observational study conducted in tertiary care hospital.200 patients were
selected and there were randomised into two groups of 100 each. In the preoperative advice group, patients will be well informed about the
procedure, and method of anaesthesia in a elaborate manner. Both the group of patients will receive spinal anaesthesia in a standardised procedure.
The parameters were observed using Covi anxiety scale and results were analysed.
Results and Conclusion: The results revealed that patient with better educational background had low level of anxiety on preoperative advice .In
patient cooperation for spinal anaesthesia, patient in advice group cooperated well compared to patients in non advice group. So this study
concludes that advice will have a great impact in patient’s anxiety level and cooperation for spinal Anaesthesia .


Caesarean Section, Preoperative Anxiety, Cooperation For Spinal Anaesthesia.

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