Dr. Sushma, Kavitha K, Dr. Satheesha K S


INTRODUCTION: Fracture of long bones is very common and major complications of these fractures are non-union and delayed union. There
are various reasons for these complications and its blood supply plays an important role. Blood supply of long bones is mainly by nutrient artery.
This study was aimed at analysing the nutrient foramina in dry adult humerii.
MATERIAL AND METHODS:The following parameters were noted; the length of the humerus, the number and its location with respect to the
surfaces, and its distance from the mid-point of the humerus. All the data were noted and the statistical analysis was done by calculating the mean,
the range and the standard deviation.
RESULTS: Out of 100 humerii studied, 92 ℅ had single nutrient foramina and 8℅ showed double nutrient foramina. The nutrient foramina of the
humerii were not only located on the anteromedial surfaces but also on the anterolateral and the posterior surfaces. Similarly, the nutrient foramen
of the humerus was found on both the middle and the lower third of the shaft.
CONCLUSION:The precise anatomical knowledge of the nutrient foramen of the long bones of upper limb is important for orthopaedic surgeons
during surgical procedures like bone grafting, microsurgical bone transplantation.


Nutrient foramen, Humerus, Nutrient artery

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