Dr. Subramaniam M Rao, Dr. Sharath K S, Dr. Darshan B Mundinamane


BACKGROUND: The primary goal of periodontal treatment is the maintenance of natural dentition in health and function. Present study was
under taken to evaluate the efficacy of PLA-PGA copolymer(Fisiograft®) gel in the treatment of infra-bony defects as compared with open flap
debridement alone.
METHODOLOGY: Ten patients, aged 25-50 years with moderate to severe periodontitis. Two or more sites with ≥5 mm probing depth(PD),
radiographic evidence of intra-osseous defects on opposite sides were selected. One defect was treated with Fisiograft® gel(Test), other with open
flap debridement alone(Control). At baseline, 3, 6, & 9 months clinical parameters and radiographs were evaluated and statistically analysed.
RESULTS: Study exhibited statistically no significant difference with both treatment modalities with all clinical parameters and radiographically
with the defect fill.
CONCLUSION: This study showed use of copolymer(Fisiograft®) gel did not provide additional benefits over open flap debridement.


Bone Grafts, Infrabony Defects, Periodontitis

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