Dr. Ramya Ravichandar, Dr. Anitha Elango, Dr. Akila L, Dr.Arul Amutha Elizabeth


The aim of the study is to evaluate the antioxidant activity of the newer anti-diabetic drug by using FRAP and nitric oxide assay.
Methodology: FRAP assay was done by using Benzie and Strain method (1999). The antioxidant activity is measured by the reduction of
ferric complex (Fe3+ tripyridyltriazine) which is colourless to blue-colored ferrous complex (Fe2 tripyridyltriazine) at 593nm.This action is due +
to the electron donating antioxidants at low pH. FRAP values are calculated by comparing the absorbance change at 593 nm in test reaction
mixtures with that of the standard (ascorbic acid).Nitric oxide assay was done by using Kumar S et al. method (2008). In this method Sodium
nitroprusside in aqueous solution at physiological pH spontaneously generates Nitrite oxide which interacts with oxygen to produce Nitrite ions,
which can be measured at 550nm by spectrophotometer in the presence of Griess reagent and was compared with that of the standard (ascorbic
acid).Since Teneligliptin which is the novel DPP4 inhibitor plays a vital role in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus we have evaluated the
antioxidant potential of this drug by using FRAP and nitric oxide assay.


Teneligliptin, FRAP, Anti Oxidant Assay,nitric Oxide, Dpp4 Inhibitor, Ascorbic Acid

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