P. Saravana Bhoopathi, R. Sukumar, P. Ravichandean, S. Jeshwanth, R. Surendran


Introduction: Surgery for chronic pancreatitis involves ductal clearance, identification of cystic lesion and mass lesion. Intra operative
ultrasonogram (IOUS) is useful in surgery for chronic pancreatitis.
Aim: To analyze and assess the impact IOUS in drainage surgery for chronic pancreatitis.
Methods: IOUS was performed in patients with chronic pancreatitis(GpI) compared with control group wit out IOUS (Gp II) which were similar .
The outcome measures were analyzed and compared.
Stastical analysis: SPSS 14 version was used, student t test, chi square test, Fiser exact probability test were used appropriate. P value of <0.05 was
considered significant.
Results: IOUS proved beneficial in identifying intra ductal calculi, undrained cyst , identification of pseudoaneursym, mass lesion and to do
IOUS guided FNAC I.
Conclusion: Clearance of ductal calculi, drainage of cyst was more complete with IOUS (Gp I) and found to be useful in patients undergoing
drainage surgery for chronic pancreatitis.


Chronic Pancreatitis, Ductal Clearance, Intra operative Ultrasonogram

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