Dr Sunirmal Choudhury, Dr Paragmani Talukdar, Dr Rohit Kumar, Dr Ankit Kayal, Tapas Kr Majhi, Tapan Kr Mandal


Objective : To elaborate various factors , their presentation , complication and management of forgotten DJ stents
Methods : From August 2013 to August 2018 , 47 patients were presented with forgotten DJ stent at our institute.Investigations including blood
biochemistry, X-rays, ultrasonography, IVU and / or CT scan were done. According to site, size of stone burden, complications and functional
status of ipsilateral kidney, standard treatment were given.
Results : All patients had DJ stent for > 6 months. In 25 patients DJ were encrusted, 6 were fragmented , 2 were migrated and 2 presented with
pyonephrosis , one with non-functioning kidney and one with renal failure . Rest 10 patients presented with recurrent urinary tract infection.
Standard procedures were done to make patient symptom free.
Conclusion : DJ stenting most commonly done procedure in urology. The best way to avoid forgotten DJ is prevention by means of standard
protocol and preset reminders.


Forgotten Dj Stent, Polyurethane, Encrustations, Migration

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